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Great Sound!

In my Great Sound! A CAPPELLA workshop, I’ll teach you how to get professional quality sound while recording your a cappella project. This workshop is perfect for singers and groups who want to save money by doing their own recording before they send their raw tracks to professionals for post-production.

Recording A Cappella Workshop

We’ll go step-by-step through recording a song from pre-production to a finished raw track and create a gear package for you OR refine your setup, tweak your room, and optimize your microphone and recording technique to give you that professional sound that can seem so elusive. You’ll also learn:

  • Why great sound is important in today’s market
  • What happens in the recording process after you’ve recorded (editing, mixing, and mastering)
  • Why a good quality recording is the most important part of having a great sounding final product
  • The 10 time-tested ways to get an amazing recording

half day session
1 hr. private coaching (post-workshop)
*travel not included
half day session
1 hr. private coaching (post-workshop)
*travel not included
Recording A Cappella is the best place to learn how to produce quality tracks.

Kobby Koranteng, CONNECT A Cappella Alumnus

I don’t miss an episode of the Recording A Cappella podcast.

Anthony Benda, NIU Huskie Hunks (Music Director)

For someone who had to self-teach, Recording A Cappella helped me get going with the basics and answered all the questions I had throughout the process. The content helped speed up my process from start to finish and continues to help with the overall quality of each one of my songs.

Isaac Robert, University of Illinois Xtension Chords (Music Director)

The Ultimate Pre-Production Checklist

Download the Pre-Production Checklist to help you prepare for your next A Cappella recording.

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