Recording an A Cappella Song from Start to Finish

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I will show you how to record an a cappella song from start to finish and walk you through the following steps:

1.) Selecting our gear and software
2.) Choosing the best room for recording
3.) Setting up our recording rig
4.) Preparing for the session in order to guarantee success
5.) Recording the session with strategies for achieving great sound and techniques for the best quality performance
6.) Preparing our finished song for an editor or mixing engineer to handle post-production

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6 step-by-step videos (5 – 30 minutes each)

Course Details:

Video 1 (Getting started)
Pre-production (Goals, vision, creating guide tracks, and rehearsal) Gear and Software

Video 2 (Your Room)
Selecting a room
Fixing problems in a room

Video 3 (Setting things up)
Gear set up step by step
Software setup step by step

Video 4 (tips and tricks)
Setting up MIDI guide track
Changing tempo information, creating tempo changes Creating cue bars
Click tracks
Recording level and recording a track

Video 5 (standard techniques)
Time savers (punch and loop recording)
Recording vocal percussion
Double tracking
Recording in segments

Video 6 (getting it ready for the editor and mixer)
Session clean up
Visual settings like color coding
Bouncing tracks Reducing file size


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