Basic A Cappella Editing Techniques

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I will show you the basic editing techniques that apply in all digital audio workstations (DAWs) and editing software, including demonstrating how to:

  • prepare tracks for editing
  • use automatic tuning macros within editing software without turning your group into a bunch of robots
  • use automatic time correction (quantization) to quickly fix timing without creating problems
  • fix tuning and timing by hand
  • implement tips and tricks for keeping your edit sounding clean but natural
  • add finishing touches for getting a unified and seamless edit
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6 step-by-step videos (5 – 15 minutes each)

Course Details

Video 1 (Preperation)
Comping vocals and fading
Consolidating stems
Exporting audio and midi

Video 2 (Setting up your edit session)
Importing audio
Melodyne tempo tools
Melodyne mixer

Video 3 (Tuning)
Separating pitches
Editing globally
Using tuning macros and pitch drift

Video 4 (Fixing timing and rhythm)
Editing globally
Editing words
Quantization macros
Dealing with consonants

Video 5 (Hacks)
Dealing with sibilant sounds
Formant tool

Video 6 (Editing vocal percussion)
Editing a live track
Creating and using samples


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