The Coach Has Failed More Times Than The Student Has Tried

The Coach Has Failed More Times Than The Student Has Tried

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I love this quote. It sums up why it is so important to have a coach or mentor. Or why it’s important to bring in a qualified professional to do something that you might not have experience doing.


You may have also heard the cliche don’t reinvent the wheel. Similar idea. When we start to learn something new we often don’t want to listen to someone with more experience. Maybe we think we’re going to do it differently or figure out some new way of doing things. You might, but most likely not.


Someone who is a professional or expert at something has already made hundreds of mistakes while learning to do what they now do so well. And for some reason, those same mistakes occur when anyone else starts to learn how to do the same thing. It saves a lot of time to listen to those people when they warn you about mistakes to avoid. Trust me, they know.


That’s the main reason I started this site. At first it’s a place for you to learn how to avoid all the mistakes I made as I learned my craft. And as it grows, I want it to be a place for you to learn from each other and share your own mistakes.


And remember, sometimes mistakes lead to some new idea or technique. So, listen to me, but don’t be afraid to make your own big mistakes and find out something new.


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