Invest In Your Growth

Invest In Your Growth

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If you are listening to this podcast, you are interested in growth . . . of your knowledge, your talent, your ability, your skills, your business, etc.


All too often these days, everything you read or watch in the online education space is trying to get you to learn something faster, better, CHEAPER, etc.


You’ve heard the expression: “there’s an app for that.” Well, it is true that technology can help you do things cheaper and faster, BUT it’s not always going to lead to you doing it better or understanding it better.


If you are trying to learn something that involves creativity like recording music




you want to have a career in recording, rarely is there a quick or cheap path. You have to invest the time. And more importantly, you will have to invest the money.


Invest in quality tools and education that will support you on your journey.


All too often we are tempted to find the free or cheap way to accomplish something . . .


OR find an illegal copy of something in order for us to try out this hobby that we might want to turn into a career.


I’m not going to say I haven’t tried cracked versions of software before, but I always had to buy the full version to make things work consistently and to get the full benefit from them.


I believe that going for the cheap or free option is the wrong path to take.


You need to spend money on quality proven tools and on quality education from professionals.


While this will likely save you some headaches, I believe there is a more important psychological reason for spending good money on quality.


You have to have skin in the game.


If you don’t invest good money, you are communicating to yourself that you aren’t serious.


You’re dipping your toe in the pool and saying that if it’s too cold, you aren’t jumping in. You can’t succeed that way. You have to jump in the deep end and take some risks in order to be successful.


This entire episode may sound like an advertisement for my courses on recording, editing, and mixing, or my mastermind group, or my coaching services… well, in a way they are. As I see it, you have 3 options to grow in your knowledge of recording.


First, you could learn like I did, cutting my teeth in a studio while recording 3 lackluster albums with my college group, spending years going to festivals and workshops, spending countless hours hunting down every free resource I could and asking every question I could of people more experienced than me.


Second, you could just keep doing what you are doing now, going to the local studio maybe where they don’t really know what to do with an a cappella group or finding students on campus who happen to own some gear and have even less experience recording than the engineers at the local recording studio.


OR Third,


You could invest in some focused training. Skip the trial and error learning a system that has been proven to work by the best in a cappella over the last 20 years. work it alongside what you’re doing right now, and see how far you go.


Of those three options, what’s going to be easier for you?


If not now, when?


Make your decision, and if it’s option 3 then take action and go to


So thanks for joining me today. If you liked what you heard today, please drop by iTunes and subscribe and while you’re there, leave me a review. And please if you like the show, please share an episode with your friends and other a cappella fans. I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy week to listen to me talk about recording a cappella and I hope that I’m helping you on your journey.


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