David Fowler – YouTube Artist, Member of EVOC, and Awesome Up & Coming A Cappella Producer (and Recording A Cappella Mastermind Member)

David Fowler – YouTube Artist, Member of EVOC, and Awesome Up & Coming A Cappella Producer (and Recording A Cappella Mastermind Member)

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This week on Recording A Cappella I speak with one of my most trusted editors and member of the Recording A Cappella mastermind group, David Fowler.  Let me introduce you to David. I first met David 2 years ago when I tracked a group he was singing in at the time. He discovered a cappella in high school and started messing around creating YouTube videos. He sang in a group in college and grew his YouTube channel into something pretty special. Fast forward a few years and he’s now in a pro group performing internationally and working closely with Peter Hollens on Peter’s videos in Eugene, OR. It’s been a whirlwind for him and I hope you can take some great lessons from his experience.


In this episode, David gives us the “cliff notes” version of how he got involved in a cappella, including how Season 1 of the television show Sing Off, pushed him to start an a cappella group, and posting his first YouTube video. We then talked about his progression as an a cappella artist, his group EVOC, his success as a YouTube Content Creator and his exhilarating experience working with Peter Hollens.




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David Fowler – https://www.davidfowlermusic.com/  

David Fowler on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVs-o_xSBFPou0dOQ5f_8Cg




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