Necessary Gear Part 3

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necessary-gear-part-3Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software:

This is the software that actually allows your computer to record your singers, use a guide track, set up a tempo map, etc. All things that I will explain further in future articles.

The industry standard for a DAW is Pro Tools, but many engineers use other DAWs. I’ve personally used Digital Performer and Pro Tools and saw benefits to both. All the following DAWs are equally easy to learn. The main differences are in work flow. Spend a couple hours reading about each DAW and customer reviews to see which might make the most sense to you. Additionally, check with the editor or mix engineer to whom you may choose to send your tracks. They may have a DAW they prefer and using the same DAW may make transfers easier (i.e. SAVE YOU MONEY).

My recommendations:

Pro Tools 12
Logic Pro X
Digital Performer
Studio One


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