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A Cappella Recording Coaching

There’s no need to “figure it out” on your own. Book private coaching with me and we’ll dive right in. We’ll start with tackling any a cappella recording issues you have. And then, we’ll create strategies and solutions guaranteed to give you great sound.

Not sure what to expect? Listen in below to hear a live coaching session.

Live Coaching Session with Kayla Pichichero & Evan Linsey of Birdland Avenue

I help Kayla & Evan get clarity around two key concepts that will increase their awesomeness in the studio and then, we get to work on brainstorming ways to accentuate and grow each of those.

Coaching Session
1 hr. session
live call & screen share
full recording of session
Coaching Package
five 1 hr. sessions
live call & screen share
full recording of session

My editing/production quality has gone way up from the things I’ve learned.

Drew Taylor

Danny Ozment has a well of knowledge on recording, editing, mixing and other parts of the recording process. He is also in touch with other great minds in the scene.

Lionel Odera

I recommend RA to all collegiate and post-grad groups who are new to the scene or have new members that want to record, to at least know that they only have to spend money where it matters.

Michael Kohr

The Ultimate Pre-Production Checklist

Download the Pre-Production Checklist to help you prepare for your next A Cappella recording.

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