11 12, 2017

Individual Practice

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It occurred to me just recently that we often talk about how to improve our rehearsals as a cappella groups yet when it comes to recording, we most often [...]

5 10, 2017

If at first you don’t succeed . . .

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I spoke with Ben Bram (Pentatonix, Pitch Perfect, The Sing Off) recently and learned some things about his journey and story that I think are very valuable lessons. You don't [...]

1 08, 2017

Which DAW should I use and why?

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A common question: Which digital audio workstation (DAW) should I use and why? I have two answers: one for those of you who record casually/once in awhile and one for [...]

17 07, 2017

Don’t Forget to Fade

2017-10-12T00:05:29+00:00 By |

A common mistake made by DIY engineers is they forget to fade their edit points in a file. I'll show you how to fade the edges of your recordings for [...]

20 06, 2017

Necessary Gear Part 3

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Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software: This is the software that actually allows your computer to record your singers, use a guide track, set up a tempo map, etc. All things [...]

6 06, 2017

Invest in Your Growth

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If you are reading this blog, you are interested in growth . . . of your knowledge, your talent, your ability, your skills, your business, etc. All too often these [...]

31 05, 2017

Why do we use compression?

2017-10-12T00:11:06+00:00 By |

A common question: Why do we use compression? Compression seems to be this mysterious thing that people have a hard time working with or maybe they're afraid of or they [...]