Necessary Gear for Recording Your Group #2 - Microphones and Headphones

We left off last time with what you need in a computer and digital interface. Head to to read that article.


You can accomplish 99.9% of the recording you'll need to do with a Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone with shock mount, microphone stand, and pop filter ($200 – $400)

  • Large diaphragm = the part of the microphone that “catches” your sound. Vocals are usually best recorded with a large diaphragm because it tends to help pick up more detail and have a warmer sound.

  • Cardioid = the pickup pattern of the microphone (the space and direction where the microphone best picks up sound)

  • Condenser = the type of microphone


1. Rode NT1-a (comes with shock mount, XLR cable, and pop filter) = $230

I made a video about it a while back. Go to

2. Blue Microphones Bluebird (shockmount included) = $300

3. Aston Origin = $300

4. Audio Technica AT4040 (shockmount included) = $300



You have to be able to hear your singers and they have to be able to hear the guide track and you don't want the microphone to hear the guide track or playback so, you need headphones. Key features.

  • Closed Ear (“Bleed-Proof”) = sound doesn’t escape from the earpiece

  • Spend more money on the headphones for the engineer because they need to be able to hear more of what is going on/being recorded


1. AKG K240 = $70 – Industry standard. Semi-open design. Best used by engineer in another room.

2. Sennheiser HD280 = $100

3. Audio Technica ATH M3X or M20 = $30 - $50