The Human Voice

While having a shower thought-session this morning, I realized that I've been singing (in choirs, a cappella groups, and solo) for over 30 years now. I don't need to tell you guys why singing is awesome and how deeply it can move you while doing it. 

I started to think about why though. Why does it move me? Simple answer. 


Singing is the musical expression of OUR emotions using OUR voice. There is something so pure and authentic about it. 

I think that's why I tend to prefer a cappella that is more pure and focused on the human voice and the sound of voices working together. Probably why I also prefer arrangers who focus on the voice even when trying to arrange a song originally written for a band or "orchestrate" an original song for a vocal group...  and why I prefer recordings that retain a human/natural sound. 

Keep singing!