"How do we get one of our tracks on __________?"

I get this question at least once a month from groups around the world. "How do we get one of our tracks on BOCA, BOHSA, Voices Only, SING, etc etc?"

Since BOCA first appeared over 20 years ago (man, I'm old...), compilations have been a goal for many groups. I spent much of my a cappella "career" agonizing over getting a song on one of these compilations. It was a big goal for me.

In the past 10 years, recorded a cappella has gotten more and more competitive. The bar is higher, and more groups who work with one of the many professional a cappella engineers are able to reach the bar. It's hard to rise above the crowd.

My friend Deke Sharon, creator of BOCA and BOHSA has an excellent video telling you how to get on BOCA and all of his advice works for most of the compilations and really for the general success of your recordings.

Pay particular attention to what he says from 3:00 to the end of the video.

Heart... A recording that has passion, energy, intensity, is honest and authentic and deeply moves people in the outside world will increase it's chance for success however you might define it.

Having now had several songs selected to compilations, I can tell you, it feels nice. It's cool to be recognized for your efforts. Would I rather make my audience happy and give them a great product though? Any day.

Thanks for reading! Have fun making great music!